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The 21st Annual
Incline Star Follies
Returning to Incline Village after a 4-year absence. 
Incline Star Follies 2024.jpg

We're excited to announce that the Incline Star Follies are back!  Buy your tickets and mark your calendars for our May 3-4th performances.  


If you'd like to support Incline's best "friend-raiser," we welcome your help.  SPONSER US to fund our joyful community dance performances, advertise with us to reach our audience of over 1500 community-minded Incline locals, or lend a hand with our costuming, staging, makeup, or many other volunteer opportunities.  In doing so, you'll help us achieve our vision of a healthy, thriving Incline Village that invests in the development of our youth and fosters deep community connections.


Please find us at; we look forward to hearing from you!

The Incline Star Follies began in 1999, and we staged our 20th annual show in 2019. This popular community event raises funds for Incline public schools. Hundreds of students and adult community members have participated in the show over our 20 years of performances. The show is a lip-synch variety show and has brought great entertainment to our town - it was always a not-to-be-missed event each spring! We are now partnering with the Incline Education Fund to ensure our proceeds go where they are most needed.


All seats are reserved, and all tickets can be purchased online.

Adult Seats:

  • Center section $40 ($30 at matinee)

  • Side sections $30 ($25 at matinee)

  • Rear section $20 ($15 at matinee)

  • Student seating (12th grade and under) is $15 regardless of location ($10 at matinee)




Any questions can be directed to Kathie Goldberg (

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