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Incline Middle School Clubs


Incline Middle School Chess Club is the perfect way to get students interested in the game of chess. The club welcomes players of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced players. We provide a fun and friendly learning environment, with experienced instructors to guide and teach players of all ages. The goal is to foster an appreciation for the game of chess and give new players the experience of playing in a tournament setting. Join us and start your journey to becoming a chess master.

Incline Middle Schools Coding for Girls program teaches the fundamentals of coding to girls. Coding for Girls will help our girls learn to think critically and create meaningful projects through activities, lessons, and challenges. Our program encourages girls to explore their creativity and gain confidence in their problem-solving skills. Our goal is to equip them with the tools and skills needed to help them succeed in the tech industry and create a more diverse and inclusive future.

Coding for Girls


At Incline Middle School, we are dedicated to providing a rigorous and engaging academic experience for our students. Our staff is committed to helping students grow and reach their fullest potential. We also offer a variety of extracurricular activities, including our robotics course.

Our robotics class fosters creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration as students work together to design, build, and program robots. This course is a great way for students to explore the technology of the future and develop essential skills for success.

Pots and Pans

One of our most popular offerings is our culinary club, which allows students to learn the basics of cooking and nutrition. This program allows students to develop a passion for cooking and learn to make healthy and delicious meals.

Culinary Club

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