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Tru Blue Grateful Friday

 April 19th

Please join us to celebrate Tru Blue!!!


Tru Blue was created out of compassion and respect for those with special challenges and to not only accept but to include those with challenges and understand that there is much to be learned from the Neurodiverse.

We invite you to click the link to “The One and Only RB” and

learn more about the origins of

Tru Blue.

Tru Blue is about spreading kindness, living in Gratitude, and educating young people on what an important tool that can be in the pursuit of Health, Wellness, Happiness, and Success.

In short…

Kindness is a Superpower.​

The Bruces started this movement in honor of their son RB Bruce. Every year for 6 years, they have honored the Tru Blue spirit and have offered education doing presentations and sharing information, motivations, and encouragement to bring our community together and always remember to,








& Kind​

On Friday, April 19th, wear your blues, Tru Blue T-shirts, sport your wristbands and stickers and make sure everyone around you can see your Tru Blue spirit.​

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