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Join Us at the Incline Middle School's Annual


**Win a Paddleboard**
IMS Jr Boosters will be raffling off a paddle board and other exciting items.
Support IMS Jr Booster.


Here's what you can expect from the evening:

1. Welcome Address: Our principal will kick off the event with a warm welcome, providing an overview of our school's mission, values, and goals for the upcoming academic year.


2. Classroom Visits: You will have the chance to visit your child's classroom and meet their teachers. Our passionate educators will share valuable information about the curriculum, teaching methodologies, and classroom expectations. This will give you a deeper understanding of your child's daily experiences at school.


3. Special Presentations: Throughout the evening, we have arranged special presentations to introduce you to our extracurricular activities, clubs, and support services. You will have the opportunity to learn about the various ways your child can get involved and make the most of their time at Incline Middle School.


4. Q&A Session: We understand that you may have questions or concerns, and we encourage you to participate in the Q&A session. Our staff will be available to address any queries you may have, ensuring that you leave with a clear understanding of our school's policies and procedures.


5. Networking Opportunities: Back-to-School Night is also an excellent chance to connect with other parents and build a strong community. We encourage you to engage in conversations, share experiences, and establish valuable connections with fellow parents who share a common goal of supporting their children's education.

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